Los Angeles Football Club’s Commitment to Environmental Sustainability

By Alex Paris, A/G Summer 2018 Intern

Recently Argento/Graham attended the LAFC professional soccer game against the Portland Timbers. Los Angeles was embroiled in a back and forth struggle that ended up 3-2 in favor of LAFC. It was my second ever Major League Soccer match and I was enamored by the energy in the stadium from the moment the players stepped onto the field until after the final whistle blew. The players and staff were completely committed to victory and their commitment to excellence is felt not only on the pitch but in the world of environmental sustainability too.

When the owners of the club decided to build a new stadium they committed to making it exceed California’s stringent building standards and achieve the rigorous LEED Silver certification. The Banc of California Stadium is one of four stadiums on the West Coast to be LEED certified. The project is integrated into the city with its bicycle connections and bicycle racks to connect with the Myfigueroa Project. It is also nearby the Metro with access to the Expo Line at the Expo Park/USC Station. LAFC’s convenient location also allows them to host a variety of events that helps to promote the park and teach residents of LA about the sustainability movement.

During Earth Day, the Los Angeles Football Club and Major League Soccer made the joint commitment to raise awareness about environmental sustainability by wearing 100% recycled uniforms for their games that day. Additionally, through each club’s own social media they spread information about how an individual could act with the environment’s best interests in mind. All participants were incentivized with the best practiced participant being awarded a 100% recycled uniform of their choice from the MLS. This positive reinforcement will hopefully help the winner to spread their commitment to environmental sustainability to friends and family and continue to spread throughout their community.

LAFC’s commitment to environmental sustainability is encouraging because of their influence in the city of Los Angeles. People who admire the players of the team will see their commitment to sustainable practices and emulate them in their own daily lives. As more sports teams adopt these sustainable practices then these implemented works will reach a greater number of people emulating them in the United States and will help make a positive change for the treatment of the environment in America.