A/G is Hiring — Project Manager

Job title

Project Manager

Job purpose

Argento/Graham (A/G), a green building consulting firm based in Los Angeles, is seeking a full-time project manager to oversee and implement green building and sustainability services for a diverse portfolio of projects of varying scale, in order to integrate environmental stewardship, promote occupant wellbeing, and sound economics in the built environment. The ideal candidate will also have experience in performing energy analysis or a desire to learn this skill.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Define and propose the scope of the project (LEED Rating System, WELL, CALGreen, energy efficiency goals, or other code requirement or green building framework) in collaboration with principals.

  • Create a schedule and plan which identifies and sequences the activities needed to successfully complete the project from the proposal phase to completion. Review the plan and project schedule with principals and all other staff that will be affected by the project activities; revise the schedule as required.

  • Execute the development of a project work plan from beginning-to-end ensuring that all deliverables are on time, within budget and at the required level of quality.

  • Perform self-directed research, evaluate and provide recommendations on cost-effective measures to drive a project towards its goals. This includes materials research, design, construction and operational best practices, etc. Recommendations are to be clear, logical and evidence-based.

  • Provide guidance and direction to project team members on designing to and constructing to applicable green building standards.

  • Develop forms, reports, presentations, memorandums or other client-facing materials to document activities and results.

  • Liaise with and coordinate deliverables with project team members.

  • Update stakeholders including appropriate staff on the progress of the project.

  • Prepare and maintain project checklists and ensure tracking tools are up to date.

  • Work with A/G engineers to build energy models in eQuest or EnergyPro to analyze the energy performance of projects.

  • Create reports that detail energy efficiency measures analyzed in the energy model and their impact on a project’s performance.

  • Review mechanical, electrical, and plumbing drawings for compliance with codes and standards.

  • Perform calculations to ensure a project will meet its goals of indoor air quality and provide the best possible occupant experience.

  • Coordinate utility incentives on behalf of the project owner / client, as applicable.

  • Keep abreast of advancements in green building technologies and trends, including but not limited to healthy building materials, renewable energy, building monitoring, water treatment, and energy efficiency measures.

  • Act as internal expert resource for green building standards especially in relationship to the LEED Rating System.

  • Communicate and document any discrepancies between the as-designed project and what the LEED Rating System requires to design consultant and impacted project team members.

  • Document and review all credits at regular intervals and prior to USGBC submittal in collaboration with other project management staff.

  • Coordinate Proven Provider review sessions with USGBC staff.

  • Keep abreast on LEED errata and addenda and other USGBC announcements and news that impact services and/or strategies implemented on projects.

  • Maintain confidentiality and trade secrets in accordance with the employee handbook.

Direct Reports

  • Develop and manage an internship program to train students and young professionals in green building.


  • Maintain strong, client-centric approach to project management and delivery.

  • Understand ethical behavior and business practices as it relates to self, clients, and partners, and behave in accordance with these standards ensuring that professional conduct aligns with the values of the organization.

  • Speak, listen and write in a clear, thorough, and timely manner using appropriate and effective communication tools and techniques.

  • Develop new and unique ways to improve operations of the organization and to create new opportunities.

  • Work cooperatively and effectively with others to set goals, resolve problems, and make decisions that enhance organizational effectiveness.

  • Be receptive and open to feedback.

  • Positively influence others to achieve results that are in the best interest of the organization.

  • Assure quality by reviewing others’ work and vice versa to ensure its alignment with the project goals, client expectations and quality standards.  

Required Qualifications

Qualifications include:

  • 3-5 years professional experience in the building industry

  • Keen understanding of sustainable design principles

  • Deep knowledge of green building and energy standards such as Title-24 Part 6 and Part 11, the family of LEED Rating Systems, WELL, or others.

  • Firm command of the building design and construction process

  • Ability to read and understand architectural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing diagrams and drawings

  • Ability to manage multiple projects and tasks at any given time

  • Bachelors degree in architecture, engineering, environmental sciences or related field

  • LEED Accredited Professional

  • Proficiency with MS applications, Adobe, Google Work apps including email, voice, calendar

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience working with eQuest, EnergyPro, and other software and tools used for energy analysis strongly preferred

  • Knowledge of HVAC systems and controls preferred

  • WELL AP 

Working conditions

  • Must be able to travel to job sites (personal auto use, train, air)

Physical requirements

  • Must be able to climb ladders

  • Must be able to carry objects (25-35 lbs.) 


  • Salary is commensurate with experience

  • A/G offers a comprehensive benefits package including medical and dental insurance, transit benefits and a flexible work schedule.

Please send your resume and a cover letter to hello@argentograham.com by June 24th, 2016.